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Tips to settle with a debt collection agency

Tuesday, July 31st, 2012

Debt settlement tips, debt collection agencyWhen there is a critical standpoint with debts hovering over your head and constant phone calls from the debtors and collection agencies, you will look for a way to run away. However this situation can be avoided with some precautions and some properly calculated measures. In order to avoid debt collection agencies, most people turn themselves into worse conditions. It is better to settle the debts with the agency.

• First of all, check the age of the debt. If it has already been charged off, there is no way you could get your credit score back.
• Deal politely with the debt collector. Try to gather important information about the pay off.
• Negotiate monthly installments and if there are any extra charges. Mostly debt agencies prefer lump sum payments to get the job done without much ado.
• Get all the terms and procedures with the agency in writing so that you don’t suffer from misleading conversations.

Why apply for a PAN card

Sunday, July 29th, 2012

Apply for PAN card, financial tipsThe PAN card or the Permanent Account Number is an alphanumeric number of ten digits. The card is issued by the IT Department of India and it comes as a laminated card. People who make filings of the returns of income tax must have a PAN card as a rule by the government. Since the year 2005, it has been a rule that quotation is made of the PAN on the income returns and the every correspondence with all the authorities of income tax in India.

If there are documents that pertain to any financial transaction, the PAN has to be quoted as a rule. If there is a purchase or sale of properties that are immovable properties or vehicles and any payments made in cash that exceed a certain limit there has to be this document. If a person has to obtain a connection for cellular phones or telephones the PAN has to be mentioned also.

Writing a sales report

Friday, July 27th, 2012

Writing a  sales report, sales reportThe internal review should be begun with a document format of the memorandum style. The sales manager or the sales director has to be addressed. Other individuals like the marketing director have to be copied as well. You have to be precise when you are making the description of the subject.

The first paragraph of the memo has to be used for providing any information regarding the qualification of the information and data. If there is any information missing because of inadequate data, it has to be highlighted in the memo. A recap of high level has to be provided for the sales numbers of the current period and also for the cumulative sales of each year. The sales have to be reported in several ways so that the manager can get a complete overview. Make sure the entire report is loaded with information but it is also important to make it short and crisp.

Tech support for your business: why is it necessary?

Wednesday, July 25th, 2012

Tech support for business, business tipsFor any business, the main key to success is the right kind of advertising and marketing. To have a good reputation in the online business face is very important to reach out to a large number of people at the same time all over the world. Sending out the right kind of message to people is very important to make sure that the company’s name is spread well. To increase traffic, these are a few points which play a big role.

Having the right kind of tech support is also very important because that is the main way we can reach out to our customers. Advertising online, having a good profile, and also being able to talk to customers via phone or online chatting service to solve their problems and technical dilemma regarding a company’s service are very important. Friendly and useful tech support is what gains a client’s trust for the company so these things should be taken very seriously.

How to win a debt negotiation

Monday, July 23rd, 2012

Debt negotiations, debt settlement tipsThere are a lot of people who are under a lot of liabilities in terms of money and for them, debt negotiation could be a very effective option. The number of people who have been opting for such settlement and negotiation programs has increased quite a lot over the last few years. However, it is not that easy a job to get almost 60 percent of the debt forgiven but it is not impossible either. If the amount of your debt is more than ten thousand dollars you have chances if qualifying for the scheme. The relief company will make an intervention between the company of your credit card and you and this will probably be for your benefit. After this, a plan will be drawn for you that aspects like your assets and your stability regarding finance is covered. Then, a deal will be reached where a favorable negotiation with your creditors will be made.

Must know essentials about a business life cycle

Saturday, July 21st, 2012

Business life cycle, business tipsThere are certain stages of a business life cycle. The first stage or the pre-first stage is known as the aspiration stage. This is the stage where people aspire to become a big businessman and start ideating without any commitment as such. The next stage is known as the entry stage. In this stage, people already start up the job and get fully committed to the business world.

The next stage is known as the growth stage of the business. This is a stage where the plans of the entrepreneurs are implemented and they yield revenue through sales and the business grows in that way. The next stage is known as the crucible stage. This is a stage that could be frustrating as the entrepreneurs have to work full steam when they are booked solid. It is not that bad a state but it could be very hectic. The final stage is known as the cruise stage of the business.

Learn to arrange capital for your business

Thursday, July 19th, 2012

Tips to arrange business capital, business fundKnowing on every investor’s door does not necessarily prelude the method of arranging your business. The hope that someone will be generous enough to give money for your business may not always be successful. The first step to arrange capital for your business is basically to craft a plan. The plan should specify the need of your money and subsequently justify your need. It should possess the structured plan that first introduces your business, the product that will be sold, the target group to whom the products will be sold and at last but not the least what is the speciality of the business that differentiates it from others and makes it more profitable.

The plan should also mention the operating orders from the star to the finish moment. It’s better if the places from where the materials will be bought from are also mentioned. The purpose is to make sure that the investors get the idea of the business and it brings a reliability belief in them. The plan is the tool which will grip, grab and arrest the investor’s attention and help in fetching and raising fund for the business. Apart from this getting the names of the possible investors is also a tentative task.

5 tips to write your own business plan

Tuesday, July 17th, 2012

Business plan, business tipsBefore you start a business you must write down your business plan properly so that you don’t face any problem later on. The first and foremost thing that you should write down before you start a business is a brief description about your business and what you are looking for. The chief question is how you want to want to spread the business among the people and make profit. The second most important thing is the funding. These are the most important things without which you can’t start any business.

Another thing is the legal steps that you have to take before starting a business. This is the most important thing you should ensure to avoid any sort of harassment later on which may affect your business a lot. Absence of proper legal documents may also lead to the forfeiture of your business. The source of the funding required for the business should also be written down properly so that you don’t have to run here and there for money at the time required.

Government grants provided for small scale industries

Sunday, July 15th, 2012

Government grants for small scale industries, Government grantTo encourage the setting up of an industrial unit or many industrial units most Governments grant State Capital Investment Subsidy to Priority Sector industries. The State Government offers many concessions in the sales tax department to new units, sick units and small industries on the sale of their finished products at the first point of sale for a period of three to fifteen years. The State Governments waives stamp duty in many respects of land allotted by the Government for many new industrial units. Machinery, raw materials, equipments, and packing materials of new units are often exempted from payment of octroi duty and few local taxes.

The State Government offers rebate of electricity charges along with water charges to the existing and new units in their respective States. The State Governments also gives interest subsidy to many entrepreneurs on various term loans that they garner from the State Financial Institutions and some Scheduled Banks. Few State Governments offer the coveted State transport subsidy at pre-notified rates to industrial units on the costs of transportation of the important raw materials and the finished products.

How to kick start an online education business

Friday, July 13th, 2012

Online education business, start new businessAre you interested in starting a new business and you have a knack for knowledge? Then it will be a great idea if you start an online education business. Before starting such a business you will have to keep certain things in mind. Firstly there should be a website that is friendly to the prospective users. This is because all the things that will be done will be done online. So the user should not get confused with any of the information.

The degree that you will impart should be an authentic one and should not contain any errors. Since the students will get to study online they should get hassle free technical support. This will not only benefit the present students but also create a good reputation for this business and many new students will come in. The course timing and the fees should be flexible so that the employed persons do not have a problem in studying.